How Different is The Ad World Series... Compared to Every Other Softball Tournament in the World? 

The Ad World Series (ASWS) recognizes that just being able to get away and play in “any” out-of-town slow-pitch tournament means that you're having a good time competing in a sport you love to play. We applaud every softball promoter and organization that does their very best to promote and insure fairly-run "no frills" tournaments. 


We ARE About The Frills

Besides the 12 guaranteed games,

Besides that “no team” is ever eliminated,

Besides that all teams receive their complete game schedule upon arrival,  

Besides playing key division opponents a "second" time on the critical last day,

Besides playing several back-to-back games with never having more than a 1-game break... (and never having to crawl out of a loser's bracket or waiting 4-8 hours between games. You see this pattern doesn’t fit our style, because afternoon beer gardens and dinner parties await.

Team and individual awards are presented inside a 4-star hotel ballroom... in front of all players - not over home plate or near a backstop with only a handful of supporters applauding.

Every team - regardless of record - selects its own male and female MVPs; medals awarded. 

A 20-25 minute highlight video debuts at the Awards banquet and catches on field action and off-field parties.

Every player receives a merchandise gift package... and daily newsletters.   

And, while you're scanning thru this comprehensive tournament website - uncommon in softball tournament circles - just remember that all these "fun" images and links won't come close to capturing the good times you’ll create in Albuquerque.

Let's Get This Out of the Way - The ASWS is Pricey!

The ASWS is a softball vacation, vacations are not for everyone - they require planning and investment.

Ad Softball World Series players stay at an upscale resort. This year we offer two side-by-side hotels sharing common areas including the pool.

The pool deck is our central meeting place... or is it the hot tub?

We meet at hosted afternoon beer gardens.

We're together for dinner parties. Buffets include three main entrees, salads, potatoes, vegetables, and desserts. Hosted beer is served at every party. Opening night includes a Team Jersey Parade and a series of non-softball team competitions. Winners receive medals and points towards the overall Team Championship.

The setting for the second night dinner remains a mystery - transport by motor-coach. Entertainment and activities, hosted spirits, wine, and beer. Last year in Orlando the ASWS bought out a section of SeaWorld that included rides, a rollercoaster, and a penguin encounter.

Expect to meet new friends. You will see hugging in our post-game handshake lines, because you will have already seen or gotten to know some of your opponents around the hotels, the pool, the bars, and the dinner parties.

In fact, you’ll probably be invited to visit them on their home turf, and many live in "bucket list" cities throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. The business connections are also endless, and speaking of random introductions, 53 couples have met at the ASWS and later married. 

Competition, Camaraderie, Memories, Family

Teams are placed in equally-weighted divisions; titles are won on Day #3. Play your game, minimize mistakes, stay healthy, and control your destiny!

Naturally, not every team can be crowned division champs, but losses won’t sting as much with us after hitting up the beer gardens... then the parties.

First year players will immensely enjoy their initial Ad World Series experience. There's no denying it - you'll be sore, you'll crave for more sleep, but after returning home Albuquerque images will start surfacing on social media and in your email in-boxes. And then the countdown will begin for the 38th annual - the 2020 Ad Softball World Series - when we’ll meet again… somewhere.

We've got a great game plan for this year's Albuquerque SHOW.  Hope you join us for the competition, instant lifetime memories, and no doubt you’ll meet a lot of new friends that will become your World Series family. 


Michael Meiches, The Advertising Softball World Series

(310) 740-2195