Overall Team Champion: Eh Team Vancouver

Coed Division I : Cocktails Booze Crew

Coed Division II: WTF

Coed Division III: Eh Team Vancouver

Coed Division IV: 9th Wonder, Houston

Men’s Division (3 games, 1-pitch): Led by Captains Luther Daniel and Eddie Rivera

Hall of Fame Inductees

Rich Bates, New Hampshire

Luther Daniel, Los Angeles

Kevin Finn, New York

Joel Gilhang, Dallas

Amber Shultz, Orange County (CA)

Justin Shultz, Orange County (CA)

Sarah Woofter, Northern California

Character of the Game

Nelson Morven

Jersey Design Winners

Who Cares!?

Jersey Parade Winners

Who Cares?!

Opening Night Party Game Winners

9th Wonder, Houston (victorious in one game)

WTF (victorious in two games)