The ASWS takes on Orlando! 

Several days prior to Orlando - registered players receive a series of detailed emails that includes "what to pack, what to wear during evening parties, hotel and field directions, division breakdowns, and scheduling components. 

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Sunday, September 30

11:30 AM – Captain’s Meeting

1:30 PM – Rookie Player Orientation (Optional)

3-5 PM – General Player Registration (Poolside)

4–6 PM – Beer Garden (Poolside)

7-11 PM – Opening Dinner Party – Boca Patio / Ballroom


Things to Do on Sunday

  • Check in and familiarize yourself with the Caribe Royale Resort (i.e., restaurants, lounges)
  • Target the ideal poolside beach chair locations
  • Determine what snacks and beverages need to find their way into your room 
  • Source out the nearest grocery and beverage store
  • Introduce yourself to "new" friends that you’ll be trying to beat over the next three days
  • Registration for the Ad World Series
  • Prepare for the first of multiple beer gardens
  • Teammate consultation over the team dance song (Jersey Parade)
  • Sign up for the Team Skills Competitions
  • Proceed to the Opening Night Dinner Party


Monday, October 1

  • Competition begins: 4 games.
  • Osceola Softball Complex, Heritage Park (Kissimmee).
  • Reminder: The tournament is a marathon, not a sprint; stay hydrated.
  • Reminder: Some key games on Day #1; more on Day #2; Day 3 is for all the marbles.
  • Mystery Site Party (casual dress, comfortable shoes); buses take you there. Time TBA.
  • Plan your time wisely at the party site; plenty of things to do besides eating and hanging out at hosted, wine, spirits, soft drink bar.
  • Snapping photos highly recommended. 


Tuesday, October 2

  • Bring your game face; the competition gets tougher. 
  • 2-hour early evening beer garden
  • Free night: Teams on their own for dinner. Some head off-property; plenty of dining options at the hotel, too. Or hang poolside and order in. Calypso Lounge (poolside) expected to be a popular late night venue.


Wednesday, October 3

  • Control your third day destiny. Even if your team didn't meet expectations the previous days... this is the day you'll be playing most (if not all) division opponents a second time. 
  • Sweep, you’ll be in the division championship conversation.
  • Two or more teams tie for the division championship? They play 1 more full game for the title. 
  • Afternoon Beer Garden
  • Jersey Trading
  • Awards Banquet (8 PM)
  • The Video Presentation (recap of the previous 3 days). Will you make the video?


Thursday, October 4

Some players depart for home; some hang around for additional R&R and Orlando exploration, stay at the hotel and still qualify for group rates. 

EARLY ARRIVALS: Many returning players come in a day or two prior (Sept. 28-29). Perhaps to relax at the resort, tour a theme park, play a round of 18, or just to re-unite with the many friends they’ve met over the years. Early arrivals also qualify for discounted group room rates, and guests keep the same room for the duration of their stay.

All room reservations are made by the Ad World Series. 

Event Headquarters: The Caribe Royale Resort 

Watch last year's tournament video (Myrtle Beach, SC)