Where is This Year's Mystery Party?

Solved October 1  (7 PM EDT) when the buses roll up. But even then you won't be able to pinpoint exactly where the actual events will play out. 

In reality, the only player that "usually" knows the site in advance is Ms Kitty - ASWS' brilliantly creative newsletter ambassador. At this juncture, she doesn't know either... perhaps she'll find out at the same time. 

The mystery party features multiple activities, a dinner buffet plus a hosted spirits, wine, beer, and soft drink bar. A bus ride is required because we don't want anyone behind the wheel, not with the multiple adult beverages options in the house. 

About Last Year's Theme

Have you noticed a few "not so scary" pirates on this site? After Ms Kitty learned that last year’s mystery party site (Murrell’s Inlet in Myrtle Beach) included 3 different boat rides - and one was a pirate boat - this writer discovered Kitty was a pirate fanatic. 

All it took was a brief mention in Kitty's pre-tourney preview suggesting a pirate theme, and many of her readers decided to dress the part. 

Orlando's Mystery Party "Dress" Theme?

Theme? TBD. Casual dress, wear comfortable shoes, bring instruments that snap photos. That's all you get out of us at the current time... except it has nothing to do with pirates. 

Do the Videos Below Offer Credible Site Hints? You Decide.

Did the Commissioner just make an unscheduled trip back to Orlando to source out two more venues... one that had originally been dismissed? Will this year's party site be completely off the wall, something you would never acquaint with Orlando? Regardless - get excited, it will be one of the very best.